What is a Mennonite?

Mennonites take their name from Menno Simons, one of many Dutch reformers of the 16th century who believed in the way of peace. He parted with the dominant Catholic Church of the time, and other Protestant reformers, over the issue of baptism. Rather than baptizing children as infants, Simons believed this decision should be reserved for a time when a person has an informed understanding of their faith and can embrace the life choices that flow out of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Simons began to re-baptize believers who had previously been baptized as infants, and this is how Mennonites came to be known as "Anabaptists"--which means "re-baptizer."

What can I expect if I visit?

At Grace, you can expect a friendly welcome, a "blended" service that combines both traditional and contemporary music (we love to sing!), and timely, relevant teaching that is grounded in the word of God. We believe that God has something special in store for us each and every Sunday—and we want you to experience that "something special" too!

What do you have for my kids?

We love children! On Sundays at 9:00 a.m., we have Small Groups for kids of every age, from infants through Senior High (and beyond). Your children will meet other kids their age and study the Bible together. Most of our Youth Groups meet twice a month (schedules vary by group) for a wide variety of age-appropriate activities, games, food and FUN.  See the For your family section of the web site fr more details.

How can I plug in at Grace?

The possibilities are endless! We suggest starting with one of our Small Groups. Here is where we dig deeply into the Bible, and learn how to apply it our lives, but also the place where it's easiest to share about what's going on in each other's lives. Many strong, life-long friendships are built in our Small Groups. You may feel a little bit awkward joining one of these groups at first, but we promise you that will last about 11 seconds! 

There are plenty of other ways you can get involved at Grace, from Women's Bible Study to singing in our choir, or joining an exercise class or book club. We also have a men's group that meets regularly, a flag football league you can help out with, or any number of other opportunities. Once you are feeling more comfortable at Grace, you can consider becoming involved in one of our Ministry Teams. Like we said—the possibilities are endless!

Is your building wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We have a wheelchair ramp to assist you, as well as a lift to help you navigate between floors. We also have rest rooms that can accommodate wheelchairs.

What time are your services?

Small Groups for all ages begin at 9:00 AM, and our Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM. But the coffee pot is on at 10:00 AM, so come a little early and have a cup with us!