Small Groups

Small Groups meet every Sunday at 9:00 AM.

Some churches call them Sunday School, but that term doesn't accurately capture what happens in these groups. Here is where we dig deeply into the Bible, and learn how to apply it our lives. Here is where we share about what's going on in each other's lives and develop strong, life-long friendships. Here is where we pray for one another. Here is where we GROW.


Small Groups for Kids

We offer small groups for every age, from toddler to middle school and senior high.

20- and 30-somethings: Kairos

Kairos is a laid-back place to join with others and explore together what it means to be a disciple of Christ.           We tackle life's tough questions through the lens of God's Word.

30- AND 40-SOMETHINGS: Cornerstone

With marriage, parenthood, careers, and  more financial responsibility come a multitude of challenges, but the going is easier when you have others to walk with you, using the Bible as your guide.

40-, 50-, and 60-SOMETHINGS: faith, hope & charity

Members of our Faith, Hope & Charity group come from every walk and season of life. Some of us are still raising children; others are helping to raise grandchildren. Some are at the peak of their careers, or facing a career change; others are contemplating (or already enjoying) retirement. What we ALL share is a love for Jesus and for each other. Our discussions are always relevant and never boring!

60-, 70-, 80- AND 90-SOMETHINGS: Berean fellowship

You're never too old to learn more about God's word and deepen your faith. Our seniors are young at heart and active spiritually, socially, and intellectually.

A word about Small Groups: You will notice the age groups are fairly broad, and there is overlap between them. That's because we want you to plug into the group where you feel comfortable—regardless of your age.