God sees the sparrow

Friday, March 27

Scripture reading: Matthew 10:5-42


Part of Azai’s bed time ritual each night includes singing hymns.  And thanks to Jennifer having nearly every hymn in the hymnal memorized, by now Azai has a pretty vast repertoire of songs he likes to sing: “Amazing Grace,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, “Come We That Love the Lord,” “There is a Place of Quiet Rest,” and many more!

But no matter how many hymns we might sing, there is one of two songs he will not let us leave the room without hearing - every night!  It’s a simple refrain, but it contains a profound message:

God Sees the Little Sparrow Fall

God sees the little sparrow fall, it meets His tender view,

If God so loves the little birds, I know He loves me too.

He loves me too!  He loves me too! 

I know He loves me too!

If God so loves the little birds, I know He loves me too!

The words of this song are from Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:29-31.  Reading these three verses by themselves is impactful enough.  But I think they become even more powerful when read in the flow of the entire chapter. 

When reading this chapter, you have to say, it is quite dramatic!  Jesus is preparing His disciples to live out the mission of the gospel.  And He is describing a scene that is almost cataclysmic.  He talks about a life of danger, persecution, scarcity, hardship, families being divided, even judgment!  It’s a scene where so much is going on it almost hard to keep track.

But then Jesus assures His disciples, right in the midst of this chaotic tumult, they will not be forgotten by God.  And to stress this He uses the example of the sparrow – the most common of all the birds of the air – birds that were sold for the smallest copper coin.  Jesus said that not even one of these birds can fall to the ground without God noticing!  And the point Jesus was getting at is found in verse 31.  If God so cares to know the every move of even the most common of all the birds, we have nothing to fear!  “Because, Jesus said, “you are of more value than many sparrows.” 

In this time where so much tumult seems to threaten our security, each morning I have stepped outside my door I have noticed the birds are singing.  Could it be that their song comes from freely knowing that even they are cared for by God?  And now I find the song Azai wants to hear each night is the song on my lips each morning. “God sees the little sparrow fall, it meets His tender view; if God so loves the little birds I know He loves me too.”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, tune my ears to hear the birds sing that my heart might be tuned to know your love. 

Pastor Marc