Ministry Leadership Teams

Stewardship Ministry

A steward is not the owner of something, but the manager, and that steward is accountable to the owner for how resources are used. The ministries of Grace Mennonite Church make every effort to use our resources and gifts in ways that enhance the work we feel God has called us to in our communities. The Stewardship Ministry is responsible for church staff, church operations and maintenance, and the annual budget.

Church Life Ministry

This Ministry Team works at cultivating our faith community by caring for one another, encouraging fellowship, fostering spiritual growth, and providing hospitality. The Church Life Ministry oversees Social Events such as congregational meals, picnics, and other events. This team also coordinates visitation, meal preparation for those who are in need, a medical outreach, and more. The Church Life team also coordinates our mentoring ministry, which provides regular contact between older and younger members of the church as we encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

Missions Ministry

Being “Christ’s hands and feet in the world every day” means that we are continually reaching out to our local and global communities. The Missions Ministry tries to create an environment where this outreach happens spontaneously, driven by the passion our members have to serve others locally and around the world. Some of the ways our Missions Ministry encourages this include:

  • Go Teams, which can spring up almost overnight to help others in need. Recent Go Team projects range from picking up trash on the streets of Lansdale to home repairs and construction in Alabama and Kentucky, drilling a well for fresh water in Kenya, and other trips to Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, and other countries. 
  • Missionary support, which currently includes eight missionaries around the world, from Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia to the Caribbean,  Africa, and Belgium. Our outreach can take the form of pastoral leadership, involvement in Child Evangelism Fellowship or Wilderness Camp Support, working with youths in juvenile prisons, reaching out to military personnel, and more. 
  • Thank Offering is a special offering taken once a year, our response to the many blessings God has given to us as individuals, families, and as a congregation. This offering, above and beyond our operating budget, is used for special needs, missions, and ministries that connect with our vision and passions as a church.
  • Special events, including Fall Fest, Live Nativity, Easter Egg Hunt, Bluegrass Festival and many more offer ways for us to connect with our community and share God's love with our neighbors.

Education Ministry

We take seriously God's command to 'go and make disciples,' and our desire is to see each member at Grace grow in their relationship with Chris
t and in their understanding of His Word. Small Groups and Youth Groups are our "training camps," where we learn how to follow Jesus' example more closely. That means studying the Bible together, discussing what it means and how we are to apply it to our lives, but also caring for, encouraging, and being accountable to one another. Much of the church's sense of community springs out of our Small Groups.

Worship Ministry

We come to church to worship, and this Ministry Team leads us by coordinating and planning the elements of each service, including the music. This Team also oversees the choirs, as well as concerts, musicals, and other special music.