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Are you anxious about the Coronavirus?

The pastors at Grace Mennonite Church prepared this series of devotionals to help our church navigate a faithful response to the Covid-19 crisis. You may find them to be meaningful no matter what challenge you are facing. If you would like to speak with one of our pastors, please call (215) 855-7718 or email us at

Monday, May 25 — The God who hears

Sunday, May 24 — The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Listening (video)

Friday, May 22 — The prayer of "casting"

Thursday, May 21 — The power of secret prayer

Wednesday, May 20 — Persistence that prevails!

Tuesday, May 19 — Prayers like raindrops

Monday, May 18 — If we are not praying....

Sunday, May 17 — The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Praying (video)

Friday, May 15 — Cultivating a way of life

Thursday, May 14 — Becoming a noticing person

Wednesday, May 13 — Noticing what Jesus does

Tuesday, May 12 — Seeing with the mind of Christ

Monday, May 11 — Who do you notice?

Sunday, May 10 — The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Noticing (video)

Friday, May 8 — Where is your head?

Thursday, May 7 — How did you like your heart attack?

Wednesday, May 6 — A fool's claim

Tuesday, May 5 — From emotion to devotion

Monday, May 4 — Son-Exposure

Sunday, May 3 — The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations - Intro (video)

Friday, May 1 — Everyday witnesses

Thursday, April 30 — Faith coming alive

Wednesday, April 29 — Going the extra mile

Tuesday, April 28 — Living an unburdened life

Monday, April 27 — A testimony of Thanksgiving

Sunday, April 26 — Rainbow Express Preschool Sunday (video)

Friday, April 24 — I shall not want

Thursday, April 23 — An opportunity for peace

Wednesday, April 22 — More than the eye can see

Tuesday, April 21 — Understanding your Father

Monday, April 20 — When more of nothing is what we need

Sunday, April 19 — Living as Lights in the Darkness (video)

Friday, April 17 — Perspective given in worship

Thursday, April 16 — Nothing can separate us

Wednesday, April 15 — The God who comes to us

Tuesday, April 14 — The Great Pause

Monday, April 13 — In search of treasure

Sunday, April 12 — He is Risen: A Matter of Fact, A Matter of Meaning (video)

Friday, April 10 — We have a Friend

Thursday, April 9 — Celebrate the gift of life!

Wednesday, April 8 — Of first importance

Tuesday, April 7 — What true peace looks like

Monday, April 6 — Handling the pressure

Palm Sunday, April 5 — Sabbath Disciplines: Solitude and Silence (video)

Friday, April 3 — Be all the more diligent

Thursday, April 2 — How strong is your tent?

Wednesday, April 1 — Suffering that redeems

Tuesday, March 31 — Breaking and re-forming

Monday, March 30 — Remember our vows

Sunday, March 29 — Fireworks vs. Faithfulness (video)

Friday, March 27 — God sees the sparrow

Thursday, March 26 — A call for mutuality

Wednesday, March 25 — Pain with a purpose

Tuesday, March 24 — Does anxiety take your breath away?

Monday, March 23 — Even to the end of the age

Sunday, March 22 — A surprise lesson

Sunday, March 22 — From fear to faith (video)

Friday, March 20 — Generous living

Thursday, March 19 — Faith living

Wednesday, March 18 — Trust the engineer (or the chef)

Tuesday, March 17 — Is Jesus in the boat with you?

Monday, March 16 — The gift of "otherness"